Friday, November 2, 2012

Tune in every Tuesdays to The Junkie Alley Radio

Make sure all of you tune in this Tuesday to The Junkie Alley Radio on G'd Up Radio or The Junkie Alley. We will contine to keep playing nothing but that music that you wanna hear. We got another dope full hour of music with the likes of Concrete, Rekluse, Dirty Mexican Zoe, Chino Grande & of course the track that has everyone talking "Me-Xicano" by Alkatraz & Midget Loco produced by LoOn3. So make sure you tune in every Tuesdays at 6pm Pacific 9pm Eastern. 

Here is a couple links for you to tune into The Junkie Alley Radio: 

To chat live while The Junkie Alley is on air:

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